December 5, 2011

BATMAN COSPLAY - Costumes at Comic Con in Philadelphia

Here are some really great photos of a few BATMAN COSTUME Cosplayers at a Comic Book Convention in Philadelphia. This event took place a few months ago and I'm just now posting them! Sorry, they got lost in my crazy PC Folder System. But hey, they're still fun to see now and the Bat-Suits are AWESOME!

First up is a terrific Tribute to Adam West's 1967 BATMAN Movie, "Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb!". I totally love this, it must have been great fun seeing him run around the Convention Center trying to find a safe place to dispose of this, ha!

Next, is a photo taken just outside of the World's Finest Team, Superman & Batman! Then, we have a great pic of Robin with a more Modern-Day Batman. All of these costumes are completely AWESOME!! ( Thanks to our Buddy BatDave for sharing these ).

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