December 13, 2011


This first photo shown here is pretty amazing! It just needs a tiny bit of explaining to understand it's total awesomeness!! OK, Every year, in the Whitt Family household, it's a Holiday Tradition for them to create an extremely elaborate Custom Christmas Card with a "Batman theme". I'm proud to say that I have got a few and they're pretty cool! But this year they really outdid themselves, ha!

Check it out: The 2nd photo is a very famous piece of Batman Merchandise. This was a Christmas Collector Plate put out by DC Direct Gallery in 2005. I still remember when I first saw it at a Warner Bros Store. It's one of the rare "Bat-Xmas" items that featured artwork by Alex Ross. It shows the Joker and Harley Quinn dressed as Santa Claus and they have trapped Batman in a Santa's Toy Bag. It's become a very classic Holiday image, almost iconic.

Now, when I received this photo from my friend John ( He's "Batman" in the photo ) I just thought he sent a picture of that PLATE, sort of like a Holiday Greeting, ha! But looking at it I was kind of taken back and then I was like, "Hey, That's a photo of real people!" Yes, they fooled me! The picture is that good. Thanks John and please extend the best wishes from me to your family, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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