December 13, 2011

BOOTLEG BATMAN - 1940's Comic Book Reprints From Argentina!

I know people who collect nothing but what they call "Bootleg Batman". These are usually toys and comic books that are not true licensed products and most of the time they're "foreign". Personally I don't consider them "real bat-items", and usually stay away from them, but if I come across some wacky item at a Garage Sale for real cheap I'm always a sucker, ha! Some of the toys are just way too fun! But, here's a great example of some comics.

Here are some Vintage BATMAN Comic Book Reprints that were made in Argentina. They appear to be from the 1940's which is pretty cool! The name of the book is PIF-PAF, El Campeon De La Historieta! Which, Google Translate says that means, "Cartoon Champion". In one of the books they reprinted the famous "BATMAN Presents Robin, The Boy Wonder" Origin Story. The Title Page says, "EL MURCIELAGO Presenta A ROBIN, El Nino Temperario!" Ha! I love the sound of that!

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