November 22, 2011

Stu's New Jersey COMIC EXPO Batman Adventure!

The Bat-Blog has a Friend who lives in New Jersey named Stu & he recently wrote us a very nice letter and also sent some amazing photos. He went to the previous NJ COMIC EXPO that had the Original 1966 BAT-COPTER & some amazing Batmobile Replica Cars. He also got to meet some Celebrities from the Classic Batman TV Show & get some autographs. Yes, he had a very fun time! Here's some pics he took & they're really great. In fact, the 1st one of the 1966 Batmobile Car, I made into a WALLPAPER BACKGROUND you can use to brighten your desktop!

The next photo is a great shot of the Batcopter inside the building. This must have been really cool to walk right up to. Stu took some extra pics of this vehicle that I plan on making into another Bat-Wallpaper for another day. So, stay tuned for that! Also, the last pic is sort of not related to the event but a more personal photo. This is Stu's Son, MAX, and Max wanted to show-off his brand-new LEGO BATMAN PAJAMAS! Hey Max, thanks for sharing! I love the Batman and Joker image on this shirt, it's very very cool! If they were not so small, then I would wear them, ha ha!

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