November 16, 2011

New BATMAN LEGO TOYS FIGURE Inspired Art and Photography

Over at the LEGO TOYS Company Website they have been showing some Lego Fan Art that celebrates the release of more BATMAN Licensed Products next year. Yes! LEGO BATMAN is coming back and I think it's gonna be even bigger and crazier than last time. Whoops, back to the ART. The 1st one, with the Joker making an appearance, was drawn by Alison Goetz. It's pretty funny and looks like it was done with Colored Pencil. Then, my favorite of the bunch, is a very excellent parody of the iconic comic book cover to Detective Comics # 27. It was made by Tony Norton. Last, but not least, is this piece of Photography Art created by Daniel Mezraev. Batman is struggling to reach his trusty Batarang, ha ha!

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