November 16, 2011

Jerry's Amazing Bat-Bike and Bat-Beard!

OK, I know the Bat-Blog has gone kinda crazy covering last week's NJ COMIC EXPO but we have been getting some really fun stuff to share so here we go, ha! Check out this extremely Cool Totally-Customized BAT-BIKE made by a Batman Fan named Jerry! I like the bat-shaped windsheild & other bat-pieces. This bicycle is great fun. Plus, over the years, Jerry has had it signed by many famous BATMAN TV & Movie Actors ( Adam West, Burt Ward, etc... ) and even George Barris ( the Guy who made the Original 1966 Batmobiles ). He probably got all the Special Guests at this show to sign it.

Then, as I was viewing this photo, I realized something about Jerry's beard, it's trimmed to look like the bat-symbol logo, WOW! Hey, it's THE BAT-BEARD!! I've seen tattoos & even fancy haircuts, but never a "beard", AWESOME!

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