October 25, 2011

Cool BATMAN FANS Have The Best Halloween Costumes!

Oh Yeah, we're really excited about Halloween this year & thanks to many BAT-BLOG Reader Submissions we will be posting extremely cool BATMAN AND ROBIN Halloween Costume pics all week! Some photos are recent & many are totally vintage. Here's a nice example of both.

The 1st pic was sent in by our friend John. Back in 1992 he & his Wife were the Caped Crusader and Catwoman, MEOW! It looks like they had a great time & the costumes look awesome! ( Thanks John )

Next up, is a wonderful photo from our friend Richard who lives in England! This picture was taken last year at Halloween. Richard was dressed-up as Batman & you see him here holding his Daughter, Brooke. She's precious & this photo is sweet. ( Thanks Richard & please tell Brooke we said, "Happy Halloween!" )

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