October 25, 2011

BATMAN LIVE - Souvenir Scenic Studios - Gotham City Building Models & THE JOKER Props

Hype has sort of died down a little bit on the BATMAN LIVE events going on in Europe so I thought I'd share these cool photos I found the other day. These pics are from a website called "Souvenir Scenic Studios". This is the company that's in charge of making a lot of the props & scenery for the BATMAN LIVE Show. WOW! All of this stuff is beyond beautiful!! Most of these photos revolve around the extremely cool Building Models of Gotham City and some JOKER-related items. In fact, that Giant-Sized JOKER FACE Cut-Out would look awesome in my backyard garden area, ha! I also really love the Model Building of the MONARCH THEATER where a young Bruce Wayne & his Parents viewed "The Mark of Zorro". For more info about the company and more great pics just click here, Souvenir Scenic Studios.

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