August 25, 2011


Check out this video sent to us by our good friend Myret who lives in Egypt. It's an Egyptian CGI-animated cartoon parody of Batman called "MATNAM"! It's not in English, so it's a little hard to understand, but still fun to watch. The basic story revolves around the fact that Gotham City has become very advanced technologically and crimes are done via the internet and there's no old fashion criminals, no fighting, no nothing, so Batman becomes frustrated and starts to think that he doesn't have a purpose and that he can't help anybody anymore. Then, he gets an idea to go to a less developed country, a third world country, "Egypt" and try to help there. The funny part is he has to go through all the red tape in the Egyptian bureaucracy. First, he can't get his plane through customs and his car gets hit so he has to borrow a tiny 2 wheel car and so on. ( Thanks Myret! )

CLICK HERE For More Batman The Dark Knight Rises Video!

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