August 13, 2011

Let's Celebrate BATMAN-INSPIRED Creativity!

Here at the Bat-Blog we love it when Batman Fans get creative & use their inspiration of the character as a means to create ART! Here are 2 great examples: The 1st photo is a sculpture bust made by our friend Pete. It's in the early stages, but it will be used to make a latex mask bat-cowl. Now the funny thing is that Pete told me this was going to be a "Keaton BATMAN Movie" version, and he didn't even need to say that. I mean, just look at it, IT IS TOTALLY Michael Keaton!

Next up is a Bat-Vehicle I saw awhile back on eBay. It's a Custom Golf Cart designed to look like the Tumbler Batmobile from the recent Batman movies. Now, I don't play golf, but I would completely love to own this cool toy! ( Hint, Hint: My birthday is in January, ha! )

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