August 13, 2011

Brand-New 1966 BATMAN TV SHOW 45th Anniversary Art Print Poster!

Well, it looks like Famed Pop Artist Christopher Franchi has done it again! He has just released a brand new Art Print that celebrates the 45th Anniversary of the 1966 BATMAN TV SHOW. The details are amazing & it features: Batman ( Adam West ), Robin the Boy Wonder ( Burt Ward ), The Joker ( Cesar Romero ), Catwoman ( Lee Merriwether ), The Penguin ( Burgess Meredith ), The Riddler ( Frank Gorshin ), and even the Classic George Barris Custom 1966 Batmobile Car! This is a High-Quality Art Print, Full-Color, measuring about 24" X 36". It will also be very limited to only 66 prints available. For more information, click HERE!

1 comment:

jed63 said...

This is an amazing piece! But to celebrate the anniversary couldn't they produce 1,966 prints? Seems more fitting.