August 3, 2011

FREE COOL BATMAN WALLPAPERS - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

OK, Long time Bat-Blog Fans know the drill. Every Wednesday we post a few custom-designed BATMAN Wallpaper Backgrounds for you to, enjoy! The 1st one is an homage to 1970's Batman. I think this artwork was originally the comic book art of Neal Adams, a Bat-Fan favorite! Then, the 2nd one is a parody of the 1960's TV Series Logo. It says, "HENCH", referring to "Henchmen". This is all about some characters on the modern day TV Cartoon, The Venture Bros. On that show there's an evil Super-Villain named "The Monarch" & he has a very large team of Henchmen. This graphic design is actually from a T-Shirt & if you would like more info on that then just click HERE!
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Chris said...

The first image is the cover from Detective Comics #556. It's by Gene Colan, who recently passed away, and Dick Giordano.

infrafan said...

The second one features a specific henchman from Venture Bros. He's Henchman 21 aka Gary, and he happens to be an uber-geek with an amazing collection of toys, comic books, etc., and has an in depth knowledge of all things nerdy. Also worth noting is Hank Venture. He is obsessed with Batman and has dressed as him on numerous occasions, even pretending to be him. If they were real, they would be reading The Bat-Blog. lol