August 7, 2011

Exclusive 1966 BATMAN MOVIE WALLPAPER - Illustration Art By Christopher Franchi

The Bat-Blog was recently blessed with a preview of a brand-new illustration by famed Graphic Designer Christopher Franchi. He's the Art Director for Metaluna 5 Media, which handles a lot of licensed properties like: KISS, Bettie Page, Alice Cooper, Star Trek, Superman, Spawn, Peanuts, Evil Dead, Betty Boop and the list goes on & on. Here is an EXCLUSIVE & Super-Awesome 1966 BATMAN WALLPAPER Chris created for the BAT-BLOG! Well, he did all the artwork & I put the Bat-Blog Logo on it, ha! Now, of course, this image relates to the 1960's BATMAN MOVIE because it shows Lee Merriwether as Catwoman. Plus, it's got the other Super-Evil Villains: The Joker ( Cesar Romero ), The Penguin ( Burgess Meredith ), The Riddler ( Frank Gorshin ), and the Hero himself, BATMAN ( Adam West )! The artwork is extremely amazing! The illustrations were all done on Cold-Press Art Board with Gouache and Colored Pencil. Then, they were scanned and assembled digitally. I like how each character has their own colored-outline, to make them sort of pop-off the page. There is also that "light ray" effect that's pretty freakin' cool!! ( Thanks Christopher, I know everybody is going to totally love this incredible Bat-Art!! )
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