August 24, 2011


If you read the Bat-Blog yesterday then you know we did a post about the "Michael Uslan Batman Book Signing" that happened in New Jersey last weekend. Well, for the event, they had a few Batmobile Replica Cars on display that were supplied by Gotham City Supercars. That's the 1st BATMAN WALLPAPER presented here. The photo features a very nice 1966 Batmobile & the cool car from the 1989 Movie. I would have tried to steal them BOTH, ha!

Then, the 2nd wallpaper background shares an image of BATWOMAN from the Golden Age. It's a convention drawing by Sheldon Moldoff. You see, I recently got an email from a Bat-Blog Fan asking to see a "Batwoman Background" showing her as she appeared in the TV Cartoon, "Batman: The Brave and The Bold". Yes, she made an appearance. Well, I did have some nice graphics of her but they're on my old computer that I can't access. Then, I searched Google forever trying to find these pics & could never find anything decent. Then, I asked the Warner Bros PR Dept to please send me some pics but that's taking forever. So I finally settled on these. Sorry Dude, I'll have those images for you when I can get them. In the mean time please enjoy this one.

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