May 23, 2011

Please Help Comic Book Artist Moose Baumann Raise Money for Wife's Cancer Treatment

I noticed a story the other day over at COMICS ALLIANCE that sort of broke my heart a little bit. It appears that Moose Baumann, an extremely talented comic book colorist, is being plagued with having to deal with his Wife's Cancer Treatment ( We hope she is feeling better soon ). You see, most Comic Book Artists are pretty much "freelance" or self-employed. Many don't have proper Health Insurance. So, to help deal with the bills Moose Baumann is offering "Superhero Art Prints" to help raise money. The prints are 13" x 19" and printed on archival paper. They're some of the many comic book covers ( and inside artwork ) that he has colored. Now, We have only posted a few as examples here but there are more variations on Batman and Robin. There are also some images of Green Lantern, Superman, The Flash, Iron Man, etc... Here's a LINK to check it out!! Oh yeah, the prints are only $20 so while you're there buy 3 or 4, thanks.

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Meatcleaver63 said...

How do we order the prints? I'm not seeing a link anywhere to order, when you click on a picture it just magnifies it.