May 21, 2011

1966 BATMOBILE Spotted at Hot Rods and Harleys Car Show in NJ

Last Saturday our friend BatDave went to cover an event for a local Newspaper he works for. It was called "Hot Rods and Harleys"! They have it every year in historic downtown Rahway, NJ. This all-day festival spotlights Bikes, Bands, Babes, Beer, Classic Cars, Food and Family Fun! ( Sounds like a good time to me, ha! ).

BatDave took his Girlfriend, BatChick, & another friend. The cool thing was that they didn't know Batman's Car was gonna be there! They turned the corner, when, KA-POW! Sitting right there was one of the coolest 1966 Replica-Batmobiles they have ever seen! The car is owned by Louie and Anna Marie and they really have outdone themselves. The attention to detail is completely insane! Just check out all the photos & be prepared to drool. Needless to say BatDave and his Crew had a wonderful time, ha! ( Thanks to BatDave for sharing his photos and story ).

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Jay Amabile said...

I love it that you get so many items sent in from New Jersey! I wish I could've attended this event!