May 28, 2011

THE JOKER - Custom Truck Paint Job

Here's a random photo I found on the Internet where the main function of the pic was to dramatize the use of car wax! In fact, this photo was taken right after a fresh coat of NXT Tech Wax was applied. Yeah, the photo was about selling Meguiar's Auto Wax products, ha! But for us Batman Fans this pic is all about THE JOKER!! Oh man, this paint job is just completely amazing! Of course the Joker's face looks great, but I really love the "black toxic smoke" effect too.

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R. McClain said...

Sweet paint job! Hey, I wanted to share some pics of my collection of Bat-stuff, how do I get them to you? I've been searching for a good site to contact other Bat collectors but there is just not a lot out there. Really like this site.