May 29, 2011

BatDave Visits the 2011 BIG APPLE COMIC CON in New York City

OK, We're a little jealous! The Bat-Blog has a friend who lives in New Jersey & every time a huge "Geek Event" happens in NYC he's there. His name is BatDave & here are some photos he shared from the recent BIG APPLE COMIC CON last week. First off, he got to meet "Batman", live & in person ( Check out the photographic proof, ha ). Then, he got to meet two total BATMAN Comic Book Legends, Jerry Robinson and Neal Adams. Of course Mr. Robinson was there to promote his new book, "JERRY ROBINSON: AMBASSADOR OF COMICS", a great read ( For The Bat-Blog Book Review, Click HERE! ). Then, BatDave got Mr. Adams to sign a recent copy of his "Batman Odyssey" comic book. Overall it seems like a great adventure! Oh yeah, he saw this beautiful Asian Girl outside & it looks like she's a Batman Fan... Heck Yeah! ( Thanks, as always, to BatDave for sharing his wonderful photos ).

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