May 20, 2011

BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie News - Warner Bros Releases Official BANE VILLAIN Photo of Actor Tom Hardy!

Finally! This morning Warner Bros released an official photo of the Actor Tom Hardy dressed as the Super-Villain, BANE!! Of course we're talking about the next Batman movie, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES! So far, it's looking pretty cool! Oh yeah, as a side-note I should say that I made this image a "DARK KNIGHT RISES" Wallpaper Background, so please use it to brighten your desktop!
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yankeesjetsfan said...

Looks great.

I always thought the pro wrestler, Vader, would have been perfect to play Bane.

Hardy looks great though.

Tracy said...

I love the teaser pic! I can't wait to see the pics for Catwoman and Carmine Falcone that will be surely coming down the pipe soon. Thanks for sharing.

Bane said...

What I'm excited seeing Anne wearing Catwoman's suit. she's too sexy for the role :D I believe she'll do good in the movie as catwoman!