April 21, 2011

New BATMAN AND ROBIN Comic Book Wallpapers

Hey Kids, it's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday", on Thursday! Every week we post a few Free BATMAN Desktop Backgrounds & yesterday I was so excited about "Batman: Year One" Animated Movie News that I completely forgot. Yes, I'm a total idiot, ha!

OK, now check this out, the 1st wallpaper shown here is one I made using some recent comic book graphics, it's pretty straight forward. The fun part is that it looks like the Dynamic Duo is rushing right at you! Plus, the artwork is pretty nice.

The 2nd one was submitted by a Bat-Blog Fan who drew this on his computer. One technique he used to make this image extremely AWESOME is that the characters are in sharp focus while the background is slightly blurred, a very cool visual effect! It gives the idea of fast movement and action... very nice! Now, I feel really bad but I lost the email from this person. So, at the moment I'm kind of unable to give the Artist credit & I apologize ( Hey, if you're the guy who drew this then please contact me again. Because of some problems with my server I lost your message, thanks. Oh yeah, this art is really really great!! )

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