April 13, 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT - Batman Movie Wallpapers

OK, I know that coverage on THE DARK KNIGHT Batman movie is sort of "old news" now but there are still a ton of people who are HUGE Fans of this film. I know that, personally, I have a kind of "love & hate" feeling about it. I love the movie because it's totally great & was a lot of fun. On the other hand, as a "Batman News Reporter", I had to cover the thing night & day for many months before it even came out. I sort of got totally burned-out on it before it hit the Movie Theater & I remember that when I went to go enjoy the movie I had to sort of shake off all the information I had acquired about it. But, thank God, it was an AWESOME movie!

Now, since some time has gone by I'd like to share these TDK Wallpapers that are pretty cool! The 1st one is Heath Ledger, as The JOKER, driving the School Bus right after the Bank Robbery...a great image & awesome background! The next one is sort of a PROMO portrait of Batman, Two-Face, & The Joker. These were done by a Digital Artist named "Messenjah Matt". He took a ton of photographic images from the movie & then digitized them into graphics that made awesome backgrounds. If you like these 2 examples, then please be sure to visit his website where there are many many more, just click HERE!
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Brad L. Wooldridge said...

I so loved "The Dark Knight," as well. I really feel it's one of the best Batman stories ever told, and that's really something for a story not told in the pages of a comic book.

I really don't understand those who don't enjoy or like the movie, because for so many of us Bat-Fans, this was the film we'd waited so long for. I guess it takes all kinds in the Bat-Fan Universe.

I'm looking forward to "The Dark Knight Rises" next year, and I hope you don't get too burned out in your extensive coverage of it coming up.