April 27, 2011

BATMAN BAT-SYMBOL GRAPHICS Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

OK, Every week we post a few FREE Brand-New BATMAN WALLPAPERS here at the Bat-Blog, it's called "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday"! This week I was really struggling with what to post. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw how these 2 random backgrounds totally mirrored each other. OK, I know it's dumb, ha ha! but look at the size & angle of the Bat-Symbol in each of these pictures... they're almost the same! Now, the 1st one is a photo sent in by a Batman Fan who, one day, cooked a Bat-Biscuit! Hey, you gotta admit it looks pretty neat & is very creative. He did a great job on it! Now, the next wallpaper background is a CGI-rendered image of a young Bruce Wayne in the alleyway with his murdered parents. The looming shadow of the BAT symbolizes his future. Anyways, we hope you enjoy these. Please be sure to come back next week and we promise we won't be so weird, ha!
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