March 11, 2011


I had to post this graphic image because it's kinda-sorta Batman related, I'll explain later, but the main reason is that it was created by a friend of mine named Rob Kelly & I'm kind of proud about it (is that wrong?). Well, anyways. This is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) POSTER featuring Yvonne Craig. The basic message is "Visit Your Local Library". Of course we all know and love her as the Actress who played Barbara Gordon in the 1960's BATMAN TV series. On that show her character, besides being Batgirl, was also a Librarian. So that does add a little irony to the concept, ha! Now I totally love Libraries more than anything. I visit them at least 3 or 4 times a month, checking out a large amount of books each time. In fact, a lot of Librarians actually know me by name, ha! So I am completely behind this message, "Visit Your Local Library"! One last thing before I end this post, I want to invite everybody to check out Rob's Illustration ART website. There's some really cool stuff there. Just click HERE!

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rob! said...

Hey, thanks for the plug Tommy!