February 20, 2011

Stu's Amazing ADAM WEST BATMAN Tattoo Art

OK, here at the Bat-Blog we publish a lot of Batman Tattoo Photos because it's a very fun form of ART & I think they're always interesting to see. But this one is very special to us because the guy who got it said he was inspired to get off his couch & go get inked by reading a few posts here at the Bat-Blog...WOW! We're really honored, seriously! Plus I'm glad that the tattoo work turned out so well, ha! The BATMAN TATTOO we're talking about belongs to a guy named Stu. Of course it's the ADAM WEST version from the 1966 TV Series ( Awesome! ). Stu told us it was inked by Tony Evans of Opulent Ink, Wolverhampton ( in the UK ). Well Stu, please tell Tony we think he did an amazing job! The shading is very well done & it gives this Bat-Tat an almost photo-realistic look, very nice! I mean, it really really looks like WEST!!
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