February 19, 2011

BATMAN Comic Art Inspired By Carmine Infantino

Back in the 1960's there was a major BATMAN Comic Book Artist named Carmine Infantino. He was extremely influential for saving the character from obscurity. He also created a lot of great artwork! The 1st image shown here is a piece he did that has since become very iconic. So much so that there have been posters, statues, & a ton of parodies of it. Here are 2 wonderful examples: The 2nd photo shows a recent drawing by Christopher Franchi. He not only did an homage to Infantino, but the whole thing is drawn in the cartoon-style of another famous Batman Artist named Dick Sprang. The combination is AWESOME! The next drawing was done by a Graphic Designer who calls herself "Black Cat". She has a webcomic called "Batman and Sons" that is also worth checking out, click HERE!