February 18, 2011

BATMAN COLLECTING: 2 New Pieces To Watch For

"Being a Batman Collector" is really the main focus of the Bat-Blog. So, every chance we get, we try to feature Brand-New Bat-Merchandise or Older Vintage Toys. Here are 2 new items to keep an eye out for on your next hunt. The 1st photo is an AUTO WORLD 1966 BATMAN TV Show BATMOBILE SLOT CAR... in WHITE Color! Yes, besides making the actual Slot Car Set ( with track & everything ) Auto World sells just the car by itself. But they're not stopping there! They are also coming out with a few variations: the Classic "Black" Batmobile, a "Chrome" version, & a "White" one ( Shown up above ). Next is a very fun piece of Bat-Memorabilia, it's a BATMAN Belly Washers Bottle! This one was recently found in a Safeway Grocery Store ( Thanks Kevin ) & before you think you might already have this one, it is new & the figure on top is different.

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sirfakename2 said...

I just saw the Belly washers commercial on YouTube like 3 or 4 days ago. lol.