February 18, 2011

1966 BATMAN TV Show Fantasy Kellogg's Cereal Box

Here at the Bat-Blog we totally love creativity, in any form. What we're talking about is when Batman Fans, inspired by the character, create fun objects or pieces of art that are Batman-related. It can be any activity like drawing, painting, or even sewing a costume! Check this out! Here is a "Fake" Reproduction of a 1966 BATMAN Kellogg's Cereal Box that they never made. Now, back in the day, this Cereal Company did do a few boxes that promoted the TV Show. But they were always presented as the actual cereal & "Batman Toys" were just a featured premium inside the box or one you had to mail-away for. But this "Fantasy Cereal Box", shown here, really focuses on the character. First off, the design is really incredible. It uses a lot of "Cereal Box" graphic elements that were in use around the 1960's: The diagonal stripes for sure. I like that it has the Kelloggs Cereal & BATMAN TV Series logos together. It also has a great photo of Adam West in costume. Plus, it's kinda cool that they printed it on card-stock & it's sort of like a real box. The person who made this did an extremely awesome job on it!

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