February 2, 2011

BATMAN BACKGROUNDS - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

Every week, here at the Bat-Blog, we post a few Free Batman Desktop Backgrounds for you to enjoy. We call it "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday", ha ha! Shown here are 2 very fun graphics. The 1st one is a very recent image of Batman and Robin ( Damian ) from the Modern-Day Comic Books. The next one is more "Vintage", it's a photo of an older Batman Action Figure standing next to a Toy Batmobile Car. I love these old toys and also thought it would be kind of funny. Now, please remember, you can always dig through our BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for hundreds of other Bat-Wallpapers. That area is located on the left-hand side of this page, near the middle.
CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight Rises!

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