January 4, 2011

Vintage BATMAN AND ROBIN Movie Food Products

Here are 2 print advertisements that were printed on the back cover of a few comic books back in the day. They advertised a few food products that tied into the latest Batman movie, of the time, 1997's BATMAN AND ROBIN. I remember when these came out & even though I was NOT a big fan of the film, I still bought these for their boxes. I have always loved wacky food packaging like this. In hindsight I'm glad I did. This stuff is sort of strange now & kinda hard to find. In the future they should be pretty rare. The 1st ad is for the Batman & Robin Movie Kellogg's Pop-Tarts. The weird thing is that it only shows 3 boxes but there were actually 4. I think the one they didn't show was "Batgirl". Next, we see an old ad for MR. FREEZE Freezer Bars. The funny thing is that it was the actual name of the product even before the movie promotion. Seriously, see the Snowman? That's "Mr Freeze", ha! I guess that was the perfect tie-in. The graphics on this large box were actually pretty cool.

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Wicket Toy & Collectible Photography said...

I remember the Pop Tarts! I loved them! I remember begging my Mom for them in the store. =p