January 1, 2011

Hey Everybody, It's 2011... Happy New Year!

If I make it to an extremely old age I'm going to look back on the year 2010 as the worst year of my life. That says a lot because I can look at different moments & know they were pretty bad too. So, for 2011 I'm trying to be more positive and, for now anyway, I'm going to take the gun out of my mouth & try to have a better outlook for the new year. When I woke-up this morning I was in a very rare mood where I didn't quite know what to post. So I decided to share some funny BATMAN AND ROBIN comic strips & humor photos. I think for 2011 we all need a good laugh, ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Geez...you too,huh? I dont think anybody had a good 2010. Heres to the year ahead!

ozz said...

Despite a couple bumps in the road, I did have a good year in 2010. Sorry you had a rough one, man. Hopefully the 'gun in mouth' comment was just a joke.

Just focus on thinking positive thoughts and generating positive energy in 2011, and you'll attract good things into your life. Happy New Year!!!

"We're going for a more realistic look." Hilarious!

Billyman said...

Bats looks like Die Fladermaus from The Tick LOL