December 31, 2010

Randy's Awesome BATMAN TOY COLLECTION Photos!

The Bat-Blog is mostly ALL ABOUT the joys of collecting Batman. We're talking about old vintage toys and brand-new merchandise. So, when we got these "Batman Toy Collection" photos in our email the other day we were pretty excited! This amazing assortment of bat-collectibles belongs to our friend Randy. He not only has a great collection but he has displayed it very well too. Just check out the photos & you'll see. As a side note: I'm asking you to please click on the pictures because then you'll get a larger closer view & will be able to see most of the stuff way better. Plus, I gotta warn you, you'll be drooling for days! ( Thanks Randy for the cool pics )


yankeesjetsfan said...

That's a pretty sweet Batman collection.

Needie said...

I'm super jealous