December 9, 2010

Please Join The TOYS FOR TOTS Toy Drive!

Yes! It's that time again! Every year, here at the Bat-Blog, we get totally excited about the TOYS FOR TOTS Toy Drive & this is when we ask everyone who enjoys this website to please drop-off a few sealed toys to a TOYS FOR TOTS location. Now, they're pretty easy to find. You can usually spot them at any Toys-R-Us location plus there are a ton of other places like Banks & Restaurants. All you need to do is visit the TOYS FOR TOTS website & click the "Toy Drop-Offs" button. There, you'll find a huge list. Now here's the deal, while Christmas shopping, just buy a few extra toys ( think in terms of "Boy & Girl" ) and then drop them into a donation box, it's that easy! Then, the US Marines will deliver these toys to disadvantaged children in your community. It's an incredible charity organization that brings joy to kids every year. Also, if you don't have time to deliver some toys you can always just make a cash donation at their website. Please do, it's really a super-great cause! Thank you. ( Oh, if you can't afford to donate anything this year, then just please spread the news about the TOYS FOR TOTS event. Telling other people about it will help a lot, thanks! )

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