December 8, 2010

Brand-New FUNKO BATMAN Merchandise & Products

Shown up above for a few Funko BATMAN TOYS that we have already announced here at the Bat-Blog as new products coming out. I just mention them because we have new pics of their display boxes ( packaging ) or we have pics that are not prototype photos. Then, we have brand-new pics of some merchandise we didn't even know about until now. That would be the Funko BATMAN Bobble-Head Air Freshener Toy & the BATMAN PEZ Dispenser-shaped Funko Wacky Wobblers ( Actually, all 3 new items are "Nodders" ). Oh man, this is great news because all of this stuff is very cool! Note: The PEZ Nodders are wayyy bigger than actual PEZ Dispensers & don't have necks that pop-back to give you candy.

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