December 28, 2010

Photos - BATMAN COLLECTIBLES - Water Snow Globes

Check out these amazing Batman Snow Globes! These pics were sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Kevin ( Please be sure to click on them for more detailed photos ). I'm not sure if he got these as Christmas gifts the other day or he has been collecting them awhile. Either way, they're really great! The 1st two are sort of related to the "Batman: The Animated Series" cartoon. One has Mr. Freeze & the other shows Two-Face getting punched after robbing a bank, ha! I have always loved that TV show so I really like these. Well, the last one is more "Comic Book" related, but it's equally as cool! It shows Batman at his parent's grave site & it's more emotional than the other ones. A special thanks goes out to Kevin for sharing his photos, "You ROCK! Sir!"

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