December 28, 2010

BATMAN BATMOBILE PARODY - 80's Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card

OK, if you're a Batman Fan then you're gotta totally love this hilarious graphic, even if you hate Garbage Pail Kids, ha ha! This non-sport trading card was part of a series put out by TOPPS in 1986. It features a character named "MATT Mobile", ha! I love the parody on the Vintage 1966 Batmobile & Adam West-style costume. Plus, it looks like he is bursting right out of the Batcave & into Gotham City! The 1st pic shows the actual trading card. Then, the next group of pictures show the preliminary sketch, color test, & original completed artwork... beautiful!


Jay Amabile said...

wow I loved GPK but I don't even remember this card!! awesome

Anonymous said...

This card was created by: for The Topps Company in 2005