November 3, 2010

VIDEO - Vintage LEGENDS OF BATMAN Kenner Action Figure TV Commercials

Shown here are a few vintage TV commercials showing an older Kenner action figure toy line called "Legends of Batman". I remember when these came out around 1994 & I was not a very big fan of them. Well, there were a couple of figures that were neat ( that I did buy ) like the Joker & Catwoman. But most of the figures were totally awful, ha! They showed the Caped Crusader in many different eras of history. We got stuff like: Guardian Batman, Cyborg Batman, Future Batman, Dark Rider Batman, Night Quest Batman, Silver Knight Batman, Samurai Batman, Flight Pack Batman, and the Sleek Batmobile. So, I guess I'm going to the trouble to post all of these videos here more for a historical reference than pure nostalgia...enjoy!

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1 comment:

Josh said...

I've got that cyborg Batman. I never got rid of it.