November 24, 2010

NEW BATMAN MOVIE BACKGROUNDS - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

It's time once again here at the BAT-BLOG for "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" & I have to confess that I'm very proud to say that both of these Batman Wallpapers today were created and submitted by 2 Batman Fans. Check 'em out! The 1st one comes from our friend Pat. He made this image using many different photos of various BATMAN Movie Actors. You practically have the whole history of Bat-Cinema right here, a lot of fun! Then, the next one is from our buddy Sean Hartter. He's a very talented Graphic Artist who likes to create these fake "Vintage Movie Posters" of Batman movies we all wish would have been made. This one is styled like an old "Lobby Card" & features a young Linda Blair as BATGIRL. Yes, that would have been a crazy film! Thanks to everybody for their submissions. These backgrounds are AWESOME!
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ozz said...

A couple of interesting ideas here.