November 10, 2010

BATMAN The Giant-Size Grizzly Bear!!

The Bat-Blog Batman Fan Site always strives to share all the current Batman news. Stuff like "The Dark Knight Rises" Movie, Comics, New Toys & Collectibles, the TV Cartoon, etc... but sometimes we share wacky-funny stuff. Here's a great example! This is a wonderful photo sent in by our friend Daniel. He explains, "This is a wooden bear statue outside my housing development that the management dresses up in various seasonal costumes throughout the year. For Halloween this year he was sporting a child's Batman costume (with a mask from The Dark Knight movie, guess the one that came with the costume didn't fit his snout!) how cool is that?" Oh yeah, it is extremely cool! Thank you Dan. If any other Bat-Blog Readers have fun stuff like this to share then please do. Our e-mail button is always on the top right-hand side of this page.

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