November 11, 2010

BATMAN COVERS For The Magazine Collector

I know that some Batman Memorabilia Collectors like to focus on collecting magazines with the Dark Knight on the cover. Well, here are 2 great examples: The 1st one is totally vintage & is also pretty dang RARE! It's the June 1966 issue of HOT ROD Magazine & the cool thing is that they did an exclusive interview with George Barris, the Custom Car Designer who created the Batmobile car for the 1966 Batman TV Show / Movie. I have never seen an actual copy of this in real-life but imagine that it's gotta be very interesting. The next cover is wayyy more recent. OK, it's totally "modern-day" but it's gonna be sort of hard to get because it's sold in the UK. This is a recent issue of 360. It's cover story is about the brand-new BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Video Game. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these. Do you have any RARE Bat-Mags? If so, then please send us some pics, thanks.

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Infrafan said...

Love how they called it the "Bat-Car". lol