September 2, 2010


Here are some totally great pictures sent in by a Good Citizen named Kevin. I think he either wanted to share a few wonderful Vintage Items from his Batman Toy Collection ...or he wanted to torture me, I'm not sure, ha! You'll see what I'm talking about later, these toys are really really cool! The 1st item is a BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Slot Car Race Set by Tyco. It was called "Gotham City Chase". I have this item in my collection & have always loved it. The graphics all over the box are wonderful & the Slot Cars of the TV Cartoon Batmobile & Joker Car are very cool. Now the next item is actually a little better. Well, "better" might not be the right word but it is a lot harder to find ( more rare! ). It's the POWER PUNCH BATMAN Play Set. Basically it's just like the old ROCK 'EM SOCK 'EM Game from the 1960's but instead of robots you get Batman VS Penguin!! This toy was an EXCLUSIVE item at KAY-BEE TOYS. In other words, you could ONLY buy it at that retail toy store. I remember when it came out & it was sort of expensive. Maybe around $40.00? Which, at the time, I thought it was kind of over-priced, or maybe I was just broke ( ha! ), but it seemed like a pretty high price for what it was. But don't get me wrong! It's an extremely cool toy & one that I totally regret either not buying new or even finding later. The original box it came in was gigantic in size & the toy is pretty BIG too. Basically you & a friend would operate some levers & buttons to make 2 large figures fight each other. The figures actually threw punches & the heads would pop-up if you hit them just right. Sort of like a knock-out! I remember seeing this toy at Garage Sales a long time ago & it was always wasted! now, you never find this's just super-rare!! (( Check this out - The very last photo, up above, is actually a BATMAN VS PENGUIN DESKTOP WALLPAPER I made with the graphics from the back of the box! )) I wanna thank Kevin for shooting these wonderful photos. These Vintage BATMAN Toys are great to see again! If any other Bat-Blog Fans have any bat-items they would like to share ( old or new ) then please send us an email, thanks.
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dave aikins said...

I still have the Batman & Penguin in the box. It eventually was on clearance, as most Kay Bee stuff was. However, I opened the first one I bought. The paint on the heads/hands rubbed off instantly, so I took it back and never opened the replacement.
So there you go. Really cool looking toy- but not high quality...