September 19, 2010

Batman Wallpaper - THE JOKER - Heath Ledger Tribute ( Costume )

I got an email tonight from a Bat-Blog Fan named Damon. He sent us some photos of a few Batman-themed costumes he has had in the past where he dressed-up like the JOKER from The Dark Knight movie ( Heath Ledger version ). The costume looks great & the make-up effects are out of this world! This would be the perfect Halloween Costume, it's very well done. He also sent us some pics of his 1989 Batman film costume & some of his tattoos too. I plan to feature those later, but for right now I thought I would share this one picture that I used to make this desktop background. I mean, ya gotta admit that this image makes a great Joker Wallpaper! ( Thanks Damon, Please look for the other pics later )
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