August 15, 2010

TWO-FACE BATMAN VILLAIN MAKE-UP and COSTUME - Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

Here are 2 brand-new Desktop Wallpapers I made the other day from a photo sent in by our friend Josh. He recently went to the San Diego Comic Con dressed up as the Batman Villain, TWO-FACE!! If you were there & saw him then you know how incredible both the make-up & costume were, they're crazy!! Josh just went all out on his costuming this year & even created an amazing 2-colored business suit. Now, this is an artistic black & white photo but I also have some more casual color photos from the event that I will be sharing in the next day or two. So, what do you think of this image as a wallpaper background? It's pretty cool, huh? ( Thanks to Josh for sending the great pics )
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Anonymous said...

Isn't Twoface supposed to have 2 different personalities? Both of the personas in this photo seem to be angry/evil.

Anonymous said...

2 different personalities doesn't mean 2 different emotions. If you've read the comics the personalities aren't always conflicting, sometimes they agree.