August 14, 2010

Photos - BATMAN and JOKER Tattoo Art Graphics

OK, I've been sort of a slacker lately about publishing the BATMAN TATTOO ART photos & I really don't have an excuse except that I wanted to sort of chill with them a little bit. But lately we got a few sent in by some Bat-Blog Fans & they're so GREAT that I know we had to post them. The 1st one features the JOKER pointing a gun in your face, POW! This belongs to our friend Michael who said he was mainly inspired by Jack Nicholson's performance in the 1989 Batman movie. The artwork looks like something from the Batman: The Animated Series cartoon, how awesome is that?! The next one belongs to our friend James who got a modern-day BAT-SYMBOL LOGO on his chest. OUCH! That must have hurt, ha! But it looks pretty cool so I guess the pain was worth it. Speaking of pain...The last pic shows the largest tattoo in the bunch. It's JOKER standing in the entrance of Arkham Asylum. This one belongs to a guy named Tom & he shared the fact that this JOKER was inspired by the recent video game. So there you go, a ton of cool tattoo art to enjoy! Now, if any Bat-Blog Readers get some ink done then please shoot us some pics. Plus, a special thanks goes out to these guys who sent us their pictures.
CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight and Joker!

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