August 14, 2010

Bat-Dave Takes a Ride In The Batmobile!!

Our buddy, known as "Bat-Dave", just recently got to ride in the Batmobile!! No, seriously, he sent us some pics to prove it ( Be sure to click on them for larger, sharper versions ). Plus, he has a great story about it too. Check this out:
I was having a cold beer last weekend at The Beachcomber Bar & Grill on Seaside Heights boardwalk where MTV films that horrible 'Jersey Shore'. I commented to this older fellow to my left wearing a 'weathered' Batman tee how much I liked his shirt. It turns out that the guy is Jay Weatherby, New Jersey's coolest Adam West/Batman impersonator!! Not only is Jay a walking encyclopedia of the 1960's TV series, he even had his own costume tailor-made and... get this...He MADE his very own BATMOBILE!!! A few years back, Jay sawed the entire top off his 1980's Ford Mustang and has basically customized it as a homage to the 1966 George Barris vehicle!!! Jay does parties and other personal appearances from time to time. It was a real thrill when he took me for a quick spin around Seaside in his trusty 'Batmobile'! Kids of all ages on the boardwalk were loving it!

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The Carrie Kelley Fan Series Blog said...

Actually, the vehicle is a sawed-off Ford Escort from the late 1980s, not a Mustang.