August 7, 2010

Next McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Might Be BATMAN - THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD!

OK, The Bat-Blog has not been able to totally confirm it yet but there's a major rumor that the next set of McDonalds Happy Meal Toys in the US could possibly, maybe, be BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD!! We know that they recently made some "Brave and The Bold" toys for their restaurants in foreign locations ( Click HERE for the story on that ) a few months ago. We'll let ya know what we find out. In the mean time, stay tuned to the Bat-Blog for future bat-news.


Anonymous said...

Consider it confirmed. The Toys are:

McDonalds Brave and the Bold

» Batman
» Batmobile
» Joker
» Black Manta Sub Launcher
» Blue Beetle
» Plastic Man
» Aquaman
» Green Arrow

images2icons said...

Dear Tommy,
It is indeed a fact that B&B will be the next Happy Meal.

Check it out at

Take it easy!

Semper Batman~!

Christ Chance

chunky B said...

Go check out the McDonalds Happy Meal site, it has Batman Brave and the Bold coming up next. When I visited it did not show the toys yet, they should be up soon.

Toy Alert said...

Batman the Brave and the Bold happy meal toy promo started at McDonalds on August 20. 8 cool Batman toys. Best of the bunch are Batman, the Batmobile and Plastic Man.