August 7, 2010

New TRIO DC SUPER FRIENDS Building Block Toys by Fisher Price ( Batman's Batcave and Joker-Bot )

If you have small children who love BATMAN then you're gonna want to keep an eye out for these brand-new toys by Fisher Price. They're called TRIO DC SUPER FRIENDS & they're basically a building block game with small figures. The 1st two out of the gate will be THE BATMAN BATCAVE Play Set & The JOKER-BOT!! These are totally awesome! As you can see by the sample photos, they can be built in many different ways. I'm really loving these because they not only extend their already existing IMAGINEXT Action Figure toy line, but they also add a lot of game play & use of imagination...very clever. The BATCAVE has an approx. retail price of $35.00 & The JOKER-BOT is $18.00. These should be in store very soon if they are not already.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! this robot building kit can give a look that our child can imagine.