August 22, 2010

1989 Batman Movie BATMOBILE CAR Spotted at Six Flags in Mexico!

Check out these wonderful photos sent in by our friend Bruno! They were shot at the Six Flags Theme Park in Mexico City. The 1st pic shows Bruno, & a very cute girl, posing next to a life-size Batman Statue they saw in the gift shop. That's pretty awesome! Then the next pic was taken during the special "Batman Show" they have there. It looks like Six Flags went crazy building a massive stage with buildings & everything, that's cool! ( Please remember to click on it for a larger version ). Then the very last photo shows the 1989 Batmobile that they have on public display. Now, Bat-Blog Fans, please keep in mind that this picture of the movie car is also a "Batman Wallpaper Background" you can use to brighten your desktop! Also, I wanna say, "Thanks Bruno for sending the great pics!".
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