July 6, 2010

Giant Size CATWOMAN STATUE At Six Flags Batman Ride!

OK, This has got to be the most beautiful piece of ART that I have seen in a long time. Seriously, it's extremely cool! This photo is from a good friend named Vin who recently went to the Six Flags Theme Park in New England. He said he had no idea this Catwoman Statue was even going to be there! As you can imagine, he was totally shocked, ha!! The thing is HUGE & the detailing, colors, etc are purr-fect! Personally, I think this baby would look awesome in MY front yard!! But, I've tried to steal statues like this & it's very difficult. The Security Guards always see you driving your large crane into the area. Oh well. ( Thanks to Vin for allowing me to share this wonderful pic ).


Jay Amabile said...

damn that thing is amazing!

jester said...

Where can i get one?