June 5, 2010

Photo: BATMAN and CATWOMAN TATTOO Jim Lee Comic Book Art

Every now & then, here at the Bat-Blog, we post photos of Batman-related Tattoo Art. It's sort of a gimmick that this website has become famous for. So, how did it take off? Well, at first I did because I thought it was news worthy & interesting. Then I started to get a ton of requests from people who were thinking about getting Bat-Tats & looking for graphic ideas. Then, other Bat-Blog Fans would start sending in their photos. It just sort of organically grew & became a feature of this site. Now, personally, even though I would probably never get a tattoo ( because of the expense, not because of any social stigma ), I have always thought the art form is really beautiful. Well, maybe I should not have started this post with this history lesson ( I apologize ) but I just had to get that out of my system, ha! The real reason for this story is to share this wonderful photo of an extremely cool BATMAN-CATWOMAN TATTOO that a reader named Natalie just sent us. Serious Fans of the Batman comic books will instantly recognize that the artwork here was originally drawn by Jim Lee. I'm pretty sure it's from the HUSH storyline & it's become sort of an iconic image. This really looks great as a tattoo! The Tattoo Artist did an amazing job on the black lines, shading, highlights, & color. I'm serious, it looks really great. Thanks to Natalie for sharing this photo & if any other Bat-Fans out there get any ink done then please shoot us a photo. Our email button is always at the top right-hand side of this page.
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