June 5, 2010

1992 BATMAN RETURNS Movie - Super Nintendo NES Video Game

The other day I came across this advertisement from an old comic book. It's for the 1992 BATMAN RETURNS MOVIE Video Game for the Super Nintendo System. I thought it was a neat piece of bat-history & worthy of posting. The artwork is pretty cool & I like that it features the Batmobile Car, Catwoman, & The Penguin ( click on it for a larger version ). I know it will bring back a lot of fond memories for some readers who grew-up playing this game. So, while doing this post, I thought it would be a good idea to find a video of the actual game play. That way people could relive their glory days & also people who have never seen this game in action would get a good idea what it actually looked like back then. Oh man, the graphics are so extremely cheesy! If you have played the recent BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM game then you know just how far video game graphics have advanced...it's crazy! Please watch the video & then comment about some of your stories, thanks.

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

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